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Conference topics

Electrical engineering






Optical communications

Biomedical engineering

Strong pressure technology

Medicine (bioelectric)

Electric machines

Car intelligence and robotics

Computer engineering

Security. And network

Computability theory

Artificial intelligence

Scientific calculus

Computer architecture

Software architecture

Software engineering

Smart systems

Computer networks

Computer systems


Mechanical engineering

Solid mechanics

Fluid mechanics

Engineering of installations

Computational mechanics

Energy and environment

Medical engineering and mechatronics

Agricultural machinery mechanics

Biomechanics, micro and nanocompany

Design and construction, mechanical structures

Manufacturing and advanced technology

Oil, gas, petrochemical and refinery mechanics

Aerospace industries, composites and composites

Automotive industry mechanics, marine and rail transport

Dynamics, vibration and control, thermodynamics and heat transfer

Innovation in water, thermal, nuclear and renewable energy plants

Special axes

Information systems management

Advanced information systems

Multimedia systems

Information resources management

Secure telecommunication engineering

Electronic Musiness

E commerce IT

Technology Management

Information Security

Knowledge mManagement

Media Management


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Important Dates

  • Deadline for papers1395/11/22
  • Deadline for final registration1396/12/02
  • Conference1397/11/30

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